Témi (Pronounced TayMe) an R&B artist. Born in Nigeria, raised in Toronto and expanded into the United States market. Looking up to his older brothers at an
early age and the music of Baby Face, Témi fell in love with music. At age 5, Témi moved to Toronto where he met other talented friends who were interested in music. He started to enter talent shows and contests to show off his talent. As he grew older he started to hear more and more Canadian and American soul music and knew this was his destiny.

Working solo for many years, Témi met some friends and they started a group called, Untitl3d. Témi, formerly Intro, still having his dream of stardom set his solo career to the side and worked on his music with his new group members. As Untitl3d, he and the group traveled to Atlanta, GA and were signed and recognized by celebrity rapper Ludacris’ label Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP) and Def Jam. With his former group, Témi has hit the stages of BET’s 106 N Park and featured with rapper Ludacris on MTV Jams. Signed to DTP he and the group continued their goals for about 5 years then the group decided to part ways.

Témi did not stop his dreams and continued to follow his solo career from Atlanta to Toronto . He won the 2017 African Entertainment Award for 'Best Breakout Artist of the Year" and Nominated as Breakout Canadian Musician" for Notable Awards in 2018. Témi performed during Canadian Music Week in 2019. 


His hope is that people will relate to his music in a way that helps them find healing. At the end of it all, if he can inspire, encourage, and leave a positive impression…that's what matters the most on his journey.


Témi first solo EP, "Intro II A New Beginning" was released on November 11, 2014. Singles released include: "Brick by Brick" (March 24, 2015); "Fire" (July 22, 2014); "Alright" (January 15, 2015); "Love It" (July 9, 2015.); “Tough Love” (May 17, 2016); “Lock & Key” (September 2016); “Follow You” (April 2017); "Where Your Heart Is" (May 2018); "Dynamite" (July 2018); "I'll Be Waiting" (March 2019); Motivation (April 2019); 'My Gemini' (June 2020)